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Long Modules

        Creative Writing
        Art Strokes
        Story Time

These modules are for between 3 to 6 months and have been created so each child can follow her own learning curve through the module. The curriculum for each of these has been designed by experts in the field to include topics of relevance and interest. The modules are delivered through games, activities, worksheets, discussions and basically anything that will get the kids’ creative juices flowing. It helps that we have a team of passionate and dedicated instructors, writers, artists and storytellers to deliver these programs!

Short Modules

        Manga Art                     Build A Picture Book
        Fantasy Art                   The Wonderful World of Money
        Snap-o-rama                 Become A Radio Jockey
        Through The Lens         Get Author-ized
        What on Earth               Lights, Camera, Action
        Fold It or Mold It         Science Fiction Writing
        Create Your Comic         Mysterious History

These are a few short modules that we have conducted at various centers and we are always thinking of new and innovative ideas to add to this list. These are typically for 4 to 10 hours spread over 2 to 7 days. These fun modules are usually designed for vacation periods and are aimed to give the children exposure to varied concepts, topics and mediums. The off-the-beaten track themes keep the kids busy in the holidays in a most creative and entertaining manner. These modules are conducted by well-known illustrators, artists and authors who bring their unique flavour, experience and yes, sometimes, wackiness to the programs!

Creative writing stretches the imagination and offers a wonderful outlet for expression. Our program, conducted by experienced faculty, aims to bring the joy of writing and reading in children while they weave their own stories of mystery, magic and adventure. Its purpose is to help each child find his individual voice while guiding him through the structure and nuances of writing. They learn the art of drawing on one’s memory and surroundings to come up with a complete story with interesting characters, plots and flow. A variety of group and individual activities involving movement and role-play help the children to open the boundaries of their imagination hence giving a freer flow to their writing.
We are currently offering this program at the following centres and schools:

Bright Sparks, Worli
Allrounder, Prabhadevi
Euro Kids, Chembur
Jamnabai Narsee School, Juhu
Lokhandwala Foundation School, Kandivali
Pyramid Kids, Ghatkopar
St Gregorios High School, Chembur
S M Shetty School, Powai
Justbooks Library, Nerul
Kidzee, Vashi

Art strokes is an endeavour to showcase to children the various techniques of visual art, styles adopted by various artists across genres like Cubism by Picasso, Surrealism by Dali, Expressionism by Van Gogh, Abstract by Raza & Akbar Padamsee. Exposure to different artists shows children about the beauty of visual expression and how same objects can be expressed in one’s own style.They will appreciate the finer nuances of art as well as give it their own interpretation. The program will cover basics of drawing, shading, colour schemes, working with different media, nature & still life, landscapes and seascapes. When children are allowed to break boundaries and take risks with their creative art, they learn a sense of innovation which is an important life lesson.
We are currently offering this program at the following centres and schools:

Bright Sparks, Worli

Story Time: The moment when time stops and the heart skips a beat waiting in anticipation of ‘what will happen next?’, is what decides a good storyteller. You will hear music in the wind, feel the beats of the drums, wiggle your fingers, tap your feet and enjoy the stories coming out of the magic box of our master storytellers. Stories are a great way to introduce to children new worlds and construct new knowledge whether it’s about different cultures or people or food. They also help to reveal multiple perspectives and stimulate the child's critical thinking skills.
We are currently offering this program at the following centres and schools:

Kidzee, Vashi