About Us

The festival turns 2 this year and what a journey it has been! It has been put together not only with a varied assortment of ingredients, but also by a wide group of people bringing in their own ideas, contributions and greatly appreciated efforts. Dollops of guidance and advise from our esteemed Advisory Board, buckets full of dedication and passion from our dear festival producers and generous heaps of kind help from our supporters have made this jolly ride possible. We deeply thank all of you and without even one of these ingredients the festival would not only be insipid but well…impossible.

Advisory Board

advisory-boardAnil Dharker requires no introduction in the literary field. He is the ex-editor of Illustrated Weekly and the Festival Director, Mumbai Literary Festival. Through the years he has been a columnist for many of India’s leading newspapers such as The Times of India, The Economic Times, The Hindu and DNA.
advisory-boardGauri Sharma Tripathi is a renowned exponent of the North Indian classical dance form of kathak. She is known for grounding her performance in the traditions of kathak, while giving it a contemporary viewpoint.
advisory-boardPreeti Vyas is the Chief Fun Officer & Founder of FunOKPlease Publishing India, a start-up children’s publishing house focusing on contemporary Indian content for children. A voracious book lover since her childhood, Preeti has spent over 19 years with books and retail, organising scores of children’s book events in the process.
advisory-boardVinitha Ramchandani loves stories. During the day she works as the editor of Popular Prakashan, one of India’s oldest book publishing firms; the rest of her time she dreams up stories, devours books and holds all kinds of workshops for children. A former journalist, this storyteller has written over 18 children's books, including her current book on trees, Vriksha.

Festival Producers

The Junior Writer’s Bug Festival team is a bunch of enthusiastic and energetic people who share the love of reading and the arts. Meet the members...

Travelling and discovering stories are two things that energise Richa. She is adventurous and as a true survivor believes in holding firmly to one’s dreams and fighting to keep them alive.

Priya loves singing, her morning cuppa and has an insatiable appetite for books. A mother, she admires Atticus (from To Kill a Mocking Bird) for his unusual style of parenting.

Passionate and emotional, Vrinda loves dance, drama and painting. She is individualistic and admires people who stand their ground.

Avantika loves travelling, baking and gardening. She prides herself on her organisation skills and believes in facing all the challenges that life throws at her.

The love of Pallavi's life is her children. She is an extrovert, has an amazing sense of humour and is truly motivated by stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

An extrovert and a hedonist at heart, Rajini loves dance, cricket, travelling and talking.

Rekha is a happy-go-lucky soul. She loves to cook and paint, besides reading, and can be held responsible for often saying things which lighten up the mood.

Rima is an ardent solver of jigsaw puzzles. The only thing she is quite optimistic about is her pessimism. Her favourite book is Fish.

Suman is a calm, energetic and meticulous person. Her hobbies include painting and singing. She admires characters like Draupadi, who display strong will and unwavering loyalty.

Vaishali is the one you can always depend upon. She is passionate about painting and ceramic arts and takes her inspiration from people who dare to challenge their circumstances.

Festival Supporters

Thank you!

  1. Ameya Dangi
  2. Amrith Gopinath
  3. Anil Sharma
  4. Anita Roy
  5. Ashwin Kukreja
  6. Avneet Singh Puri
  7. Deepa Garach
  8. Hitu Chawla
  9. Mukul Sharma
  10. Nitin Gupta
  11. Nittal
  12. Om Prakash
  13. Dr Priya Chudgar
  14. Radha Iyer
  15. Rajat Gossain
  16. Rama Bishnoi
  17. Saibal Bhattacharya
  18. Samit Srivastava
  19. Sampurna Murti
  20. Shantanu Srivastava
  21. Shyam Shanker
  22. Soumendra Lahiri
  23. Srini
  24. Subbu
  25. Sunita Badri Narayan
  26. Surabhi Goel
  27. Sushil Joshi
  28. Tanu Bhargava
  29. Usha S Ravi